SAGWELL - Micro & Nano Metal Powder Supplier – Since 1999

SAGWELL - Micro & Nano Metal Powder Supplier – Since 1999

SAGWELL is composed of American company, China Metal Powder Factory and Metal Powder Material Research Center. We have over 20 years’ experience in the research and production of micro & nano metal powder materials, our core business is to supply micro & nano iron powder, copper powder and pre-alloyed powder.

With our own patented production method and precise & strict production control, we are able to archive precise size control and stable batch production. We can supply a comprehensive series of metal powder to meet different needs of diamond tool industry.

Sagwell’s Mission & Values:

Supplying premium metal powder to make our customers more efficient.

Being the preferred partner on premium metal powder market.

Why choose Sagwell?

1. ISO 9001certified manufacturer.

2. Implementation of environmental protection concept in our metal powder and production process.

3. Quality and service are recognized by our customers worldwide.

4. Our metal powder can be widely applied to PM, diamond tools, environmental remediation, electronic components and other industries.

Sagwell produces high quality micron scale metal powders by innovative method, our iron powders have the characteristics of fine size and narrow distribution range, high specific surface area, low sintering temperature, stable sintering performance and uniform sintering structure. Its bending strength and densification degree can be comparable with that of high Cobalt based formulation, and can meet the needs of cost reduction and improvement in performance in the production of high-grade diamond tools.

Our iron powder has several advantages over Carbonyl iron powder such as lower production cost, safe and green production process, besides with irregular and hammer-shaped morphology, our iron powder has good compaction performance. Meanwhile, the particle size of our iron powder is similar to that of Carbonyl iron powder, and then our iron powder also has the characteristics of high activities and low sintering temperature.

Compared with reduced iron powder, our iron powder has much finer particle size and higher activities, which can efficiently reduce sintering temperature and improve alloying level, and its mechanical performance is better.

Sagwell’s superfine iron powder was first successfully applied to diamond tools for ceramic processing, and was widely recognized for its excellent performance and has been used by many diamond tool factories worldwide in the past 20 years. By designing a high iron-based formulation system of high sharpness, long life, Cobalt-free, low Nickel, low Copper and low Tin, Sagwell provides choice of various powders to meet the needs of different customer and makes their products more competitive.